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Stafford Butchers has been in business in the town of Enniscorthy, County Wexford since 1971.

We are one of a dying breed of traditional craft butchers that hand-rear our own Angus Cattle on our farm in Killanne, County Wexford.

We specialise in our top quality beef and steak but all our meat and poultry is 100% Irish and we have full traceability on all our meats.

Our Beef

stafford butchers chicken

Our Poultry

rib roast on the bone

Our Lamb

Our Pork

Our Meat

We are a proper Butcher’s, in that we have all the traditional cuts of meat.  We have T-Bones, Rib Roast on the Bone, Loin Pork Chops on the Bone, Racks of Irish Lamb and Pork with Crackling.

We also have some of the more traditional cuts that are making culinary comebacks like Oxtail, Beef Kidneys, Shoulders of Irish Lamb and Tornado of Pork.

We take great pride in our skill, ask us for advice on how to cook these traditional cuts. In a real butcher’s, meat has meaning.